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          The usefulness of snow pear paper?

          The usefulness of snow pear paper?

          Snow pear paper also calls the copy paper, it is a kind of thin sheet of paper. Is a high requirement of strength and whiteness of the paper. Most of the paper mill in our country

          Import wood pulp is chosen to manufacture paper with pulp Sydney paper, used for wood pulp bleaching salt coniferous wood pulp as the best. In addition to use imported wood pulp, also

          Can choose bamboo pulp, mans stalk pulp, wheat straw, have high physical strength, good evenness and transparency, and good surface

          Quality, exquisite, level off, smooth, no bubbles grains of sand, good pleasant to print. Dongguan clean industrial printing paper Sydney is mainly used in clothing

          Pack, toys, shoe factory, handicraft factory, brewery, and food factory, etc all kinds of packaging, hot bags, barrier, it has the effect of moisture permeability.

          Sweep sweep, and attention

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