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          Light-weight printing paper with the brand image

          Light-weight printing paper with the brand image

          With the development of social economy, consumer demand for consumption is becoming more and more high, coupled with peers tend to be more competitive. If your product in the brand design without any new idea, can't attract the attention of consumers, it will be difficult in the market.

          Dongguan city industrial co., LTD. Is committed to helping customers a clean design development and production can help customers enhance the brand image of various thin paper. According to the customer's demand is different, dongguan city industrial co., LTD. Has a clean to provide customers a variety of options; Such as:

          1. Highlight the concept of environmental protection, can choose recycled paper packaging, embossing paper, UV printing paper, non-woven fabric, paper, etc.

          2. Highlight the product costliness can choose, hot stamping paper

          Sweep sweep, and attention

          Shanghai ZhuangLi paper co., LTD

          Contact: Wei Xiao Bin

          Machine: 021-33650503

          Telephone: 13636674009/13661783573

          Website: www.www.carzncarz.com

          Address: Shanghai fengxian ZhuangHang town zhuang north road no. 299